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    Highlights of the course

    • Course designed for beginner, investors to advanced traders.
    • Teaching and investing ideas will be generated using the free websites and other free platforms.
    • Access the online training program from anywhere (Mobile, Desktop and Laptop).
    • Missed Training? Not a problem, you will get private recording of the class in our server for next one month.
    • A Unique Phoenix Harmonic Technical Setup for Investors and Traders.
    • A separate Telegram Channel for Phoenix Harmonic webinar members to get the Learning Ideas directly from us.
    • All Trainees will be part of our Phoenix Harmonic - Premium Channel for 1 Months.
    • Could not able to grasp all the knowledge with in the batch completion? No issues, you can join next batch FREE on Approval.

    Course Curriculum

    • Unique Phoenix Harmonic Trade setup which has been proven in giving best results on positional Investment and intraday Traders.
    • Technical Setup to screen and identify breakout stocks.
    • Right Stock Entry Level and Exit Levels on swing Trades, Short Term and Long Term.
    • Nifty Study
    • Candlesticks Patterns
    • Basic Technican Indicators Over View
    • Support & Resistance
    • Future and Option concepts.
    • Future Open Interest study
    • Basic Option Chain study
    • Option Writting & Straddles
    • Cash, Future
    • Fibonacci Retracement & Projections
    • How to Take Trades Based on Fibonacci Retracement & Projection
    • Features of Investing  / Trading View apps
    • Orgin/Basics of Fibonacci Series 
    • Introduction of Fibonacci Series in Trading World
    • Whats is Retracement and Extensisons in Fibonacci Levels
    • Tools Available to check Fibonacci Levels
    • Introduction of Harmonic / Reversal Trading
    • Unique Features of Harmonic / Reversal Trading
    • Different Patterns for Harmonic Trading
    • How to Identify Different Harmonic Patterns
    • Know Secrets of for Drawing Harmonic Patterns
    • Know Secrets of for Drawing Harmonic Patterns
    • How to Draw Harmonic Patterns
    • Importance of Symmetry in Different Harmonic Patterns
    • Identifying Targets and Stop Loss for Harmonic Patterns
    • How to trade with Different Harmionic Patterns
    • Understand what is ''Pattern Failure'' & ''Invalid Pattern''
    • Risk & Money Management for Harmonic Trading
    • Master Trading in F&O with Different Harmonic Patterns
    • How to Manage Harmonic Trades in Extreme Volatile Markets
    • Case Studies - Success & Failure Factors

Frequently Asked Questions

  • (01) I am newbee in the market, will this course will be helpful for me?

    Yes. We teach from basic level to advanced level.

  • (02) I am working professional and I have office from morning 9 to evening 5, how will I manage?

    You will get all the live recordings which will be uploaded in our Server and you can watch any number of time as per your convenience.

  • (03) How will I clarify my doubts while online webinar and offline recording viewing?

    You will have multiple mode of communication like whatsapp Chat, Telegram Chat and Online Chat room. You can use any of these modes to interact with us.

  • (04) What is Phoenix Genie Channel and how will I join?

    Phoenix Genie channel is created for all the paid webinar group members. You will be added to the group once you join us as Student.

  • (05) How long will I be part of Phoenix Genie Channel?

    You will be part of Genie Channel for 3 Months.

  • (06) Do you have any class Room Training?

    We don’t conduct any classroom Training. All the trainings will be conducted Via Online webinar.

  • (07) What if I don’t learn all the concepts with the completion of the batch?

    You no need to worry. You can always join the next upcoming batch and take the complete course free of cost. We will be there to hand hold till you learn all the concepts.

  • (08) Do you teach Commodity and Forex?

    No, We don’t teach commodity and Forex. We teach only in Equity, Positional Trading, Intraday, Futures and Options. Check the course contents for complete deails.

  • (09) How to I login to webinar?

    Check the link to learn as how to login to webinar. Link :

  • (10) Do you provide any paid tips or recommendation service?

    No. We don’t provide any paid tips service. We are completely in to teaching service line.

  • (11) Does any trading software do I need to install in laptop or subscribe to any professional software or do you provide any software?

    You don’t need any software or subscribe any professional service. We teach on Upstox/Fyers/Zerodha Platform and that is sufficient for learning and trading. And we use the free website to identify the stocks. You can have account with any broker as per your convenience. We do not provide any software nor recommend any Broker. However if you need, we will assist you for the best software which can use for Analysis.

  • (12) What is the Duration of Training?

    We will have daily classes including weekends. Training will usually last long from three weeks to four weeks. It will be even extended if required.

  • (13) What is the Time of webinar Training?

    You will have class daily around two hours from evening 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM to accommodate the working professionals. You will also have live market session one theory part is over. You will also have weekend classes. Timings can be changed as per the convenience of students.

08 March 2021

Live Session

50 Seats attendees

Phoenix Harmonic Online Webinar - 06

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