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Phoenix Harmonic

"Phoenix Harmonic" - A Brand from Stock Phoenix - Stock Phoenix is an well known Reputed Institution for running Mentoring program for Trading in Stock Market Equity with 5 Lakhs followers and a track record of mentoring more then 3000 Students.

After being well placed in Equity Field, The Founders Prabhu Selvaraj and Senthil Kumar decided to add more "Advance Trading Technique" in the world of Equity and Derivative for their followers. 

They decided to launch the Advance Trading Technique "Harmonic Trading" Mentoring program in the world of Equity & Derivative segment with Ajai and BK [NISM Certified], both of them who are domain expert specialist for equity and derivative Markets Trading. 

All Four Co-founder's have close to a decade long experience in Indian Stock Market and they established the Brand "Phoenix Harmonic".

@ "Phoenix Harmonic" we have successfully Mentored 300+ individuals and helped them achieve their dreams of becoming an Independent Investor / Trader under the brand Phoenix Harmonic. 

With over 05 succesful batches till now and helping people make informed decisssion by doing Technical Analysis / Research before taking trades in the Equity and derivative market, the brand has helped folks achieve their dream of creating a "Secondary Income" source in continuation to primary source of Income. The mentorship program is detailed enough to help folks generate alternate job opportunities / free lance Job opportunities as Technical Analyst. 

Along with Mentoring Program, we are actively involved in bringing the Technology required for better Market Analysis. It is our endeavour to make the lives of Traders and Investors Easy.

Out Motto is to educate Indian Traders and Investors with specific nuances and dynamic of Equity Markets and Facilitate them to become Independent for their successful Journey in Equity Markets with Basic and Advance Trading Technique Mentorship Program. 

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The joy of Learning Harmonic

Equity & Derivative Trading is a fast developing segment in India. Lot of reforms like "Index Trading", "Options Trading", "AIF Participation" have taken place over past couple of years. Many more reforms are still impending. There is a huge opportunity lying ahead for Equity and Derivative traders and Investors to capitalise on these reforms.

@ Phoenix Harmonic,  we Mentor our followers in simple language co-relating with day-to-day practices where anyone can learn about Equity & Derivative Market in a simple way and start their journey towards investment and trading:

  1.  The sooner you start your learning journey, the better you can plan your wealthy retirement. Equity & Derivative Trading is a career where Retirement isn't applicable. Irrespective of your Age, you can continue your passion to earn money.
  2. The basic requirement is to have a trading account and a passion to learn. 
  3. Followers across the globe with various professionals skills / Enterprenuial skills / Self Employeed individuals & Home makers have taken our Mentorship program & started to  lead successful journey towards creating secondary source of income. 
  4. The mentorship programs aims at creating opprotunitites for traders and investors who cannot have very high screen time and aims to create secondary source of income with higher returns without impacting their primary source of income which is their Job, their business / their day to day home making activities.
  5. "Learning is the Permanent Solution."
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