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Ajai Singh

The Silent Mentor - I Trade My Own Setup

Ajai is one of the top coaches and mentor in the area of Equity / Derivative Trading in stock market.

With a vison to help individuals who want to pursue Equity &  Derivative Trading as a career / Alternate souce of income,Ajai has conducted multiple Free sessions on the Telegram channel through "Type and Talk" approach & has successfully trained and transformed various people coming from different background and different geographies in to active Equity & Derivative segment traders. 
This unique techniue of learning was First launched by Ajai on Phoenix Harmonic Telegram channel under Stock Phoenix which has helped save time for many traders from searching things on Google or other search engine during trading / off trading hours. 

He started his Journey as short term / daily timeframe trader and gradullay positioned himself as an investor.

You can know him more by reading about his trading journey in which he shared critical insights about his trading journey when he decided to explore the world of Derivative and Equity Trading with a short term / day trader mindset. 

Know Ajai's Trading Journey by clicking on Below button. We are sure you will surely be able to connect with him as an Trader.

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Prabhu Selvaraj


        Coming from Finance Backgroud having rich experience in the Trading, Investment, and Training. Having professional Experience of around 12 years in Multinational Companies like Infosys, J.P Morgan, HCL Technologies, and Mindtree Technologies.

Professionally worked in the Quality Industry as a Manager for the Implementation of CMMI Level 5 for Maintenance and Development Projects. Handled Many External Auditing representing companies in the areas like CMMI Level 3 and Level 5 Assessments and ISO Audits.

Co-Founder and Chief Mentor at Stock Phoneix. Actively Involving in Mentoring the Students and spreading Stock Market Knowledge over YouTube and Other Social Media.

Expert in creating new Strategies and bringing Technology into the Stock Market which will help the Traders and Investors.

Senthil Kumar


I have completed Masters's in Psychology and switched over to financial markets from the beginning of my career.

Experience of 17 Years in Sales, Business Development - Banking & NBFC, Expertise in Data Analysis, Product Development & Done Multiple Research in Technical Analysis Tools & Software's, Expertise in Business Process Re-Engineering Worked with HDFC, SCB, Indiabulls Securities, Nirmal Bang Securities & Axis Bank.

Having experience in the complete Front & Backend process of the Broking Industry. Worked on Multiple Instruments in regards to the Stock Market.

Co-Founder and Chief Mentor at Stock Phoenix. Actively Involving in Mentoring the Students and spreading Stock Market Knowledge over YouTube and Other Social Media.

Expert in creating new Strategies and bringing Technology into the Stock Market which will help the Traders and Investors

Vijayaraj M.A., M.Com.,M.B.A., M.L., D.L.L., D.I.R.P.M. (Ph.D - Law)

Legal Advisor

We are pleased to announce the appointment of our Legal Team Head for Stock Phoenix, Vijayaraj M.A., M.Com.,M.B.A., M.L., D.L.L., D.I.R.P.M. (Ph.D - Law). As of 12 November 2020.

Vijayaraj has started in this role responsible for

1. Chamber Advice 
2. Discussions/Conferences in Chambers 
3. Telephone Advice 
4. Drafting Legal Notices 
5. Drafting Reply to Legal Notices 

Vijayaraj has previously Appointed as a Commissioner of Oaths by Madras High Court and he appointed as Notary Public by Government of India. And he worked as Panel Advocate for New India Assurance Company Limited and City Union Bank. And he is Special public Prosecutor for POTA cases pending in Special court constituted under POTA Act, Poonamallee. He has total 22 year of experience.

Warmly welcome Vijayaraj to the company and wish the best of success in her role.


“I trade my own information and follow my own methods.”

Well I couldn’t Find a better Punch line then the Above to Describe Ajai Sir.

Yes you are Guessing it Right: Here is the Much Awaited Story of Ajai Sir.

I still feel I am too small as a Trader when it comes to Trade Like Ajai sir, but yes, In the below Text, I am going to make an attempt to share the story of Ajai Sir, which very few know about him:

1- Every Successful Trader was once a Beginner:

Just Like every other trader – Ajai sir too entered the complicated and mysterious world of Trading by doing investment in Cash – Let me correct – Long Term Investment in Cash. Below is his experience:

“I started my share market journey with some cash investment. First month was so good I bought PNB at 82 it went 132 in next 20 days. I book profit at 128. Then it came to 114. I got happy that Exited on time. I decided to trade it again @ 82 without having any knowledge about Trading world. While was keeping track on it saw it made a Bull run again From 114 to 155 next few days. Like every other new trader got the feeling “Oh I booked early & should have waited”.

The Trading world will always welcome you with Beginners Luck Profit. So I started my journey and was adding money every month and taking positional trading as per new channels like “Zee Business”.

2- The New Phone Dream Success:

“I had something around 35k and wanted to buy an iPhone. Like everyone other new trader, I had found a Mentor from Telegram Free groups; “Mukesh Sir” – Probably my first and last guru & a great market analyzer. He gave a call to buy Jindal Steel. So I put all 35 k in Jindal Steel. I already had 100 Quantity at 108 and decided to add more. What next in One week time it went to 175 from 118. I got happy and Booked profit and instead of iPhone 6 bought iPhone 8”

3- Wow Trading is Superb and Easy and I can make Money:

“After hitting the initial success like every new trader I thought ‘wow it is so easy to make money from share market’.

Overwhelmed with the Initial Success and Rather a success that came too early – decided to enter the Trading World with bigger capital and ‘Took Personal Loan’ for the trading capital…As I had a good mentor, I focused on learning technical analysis basic one and again thought it is easy and mastered that within 3 months. Did paper trade and Yes I was the most successful Trader that Future is going to see. ‘I know Technical Analysis, I am invincible’. I can start trading.

I Started breakout trading in Real Trading world& within few week realized ‘Making Money is Easy But Loosing is More Easy’. Yes I am also one the few lucky investors in Sanwaria & Vakrangee & even more.

4- Vanishing Capital and Stop Trading Journey:

Just Like everyone else, I also saw my capital getting vanished and just like each of you fine trader, I also started to stop investing and move to so called “INTRADAY TRADER”….Yes in another word we call it as “SWING TRADING”. I did that for quite some time and soon realized, Breakout strategy has less accuracy & realized it isn’t going to be easy to survive in the market unless I upscale my Trading Technique.

5- From Swing Trader to Harmonic Trader Journey:

I started to follow other traders channel and came across a channel which was making interesting Drawings. These interesting drawings are called “Harmonic Patterns”. Well it did generate less calls and high accuracy trades, which helped me to pick this as a trading technique for the time I am going to stay in the Trading world.

I followed the channel closely, started learning on my own and compared charts from the channel and kept on practicing it patiently.

Well, it did take 3 months alone to draw the basic patterns correctly. But Trading Harmonic Patterns & Drawing patterns are two different things. Just like everyone else only 3 out of 10 trades worked and rest all were in a mess. Accuracy of my own charts was less and I needed to find out more ways to increase my accuracy.

I had a friend name Gopal who guided me to the Harmonic Course Materials and I started my Journey again. Took another 3 to 6 months to sharpen my skills and understand the trades in the market and slowly increased my accuracy to 7 to 8 trades out of 10 as successful.

I was ready, I was prepared, With More than 9 months of self learning, Patience and capital almost wiped out, I was ready to take risk again and enter into the market.

Since my earlier capital was gone – I again took one more .“Personal Loan” and entered into the market again. . This time I had one more thing with me – Over Confidence of being a self learned and self mastered Harmonic Trader.

6- Trading Journey as Harmonic Trader:

This time though I had knowledge, I also had one thing in abundance which is Over Confidence.

I traded all my charts, all formations and markets made me realized, they are more superior and I am yet to find the “Holy Grail” to trading.

Infact they taught me – there is no “Holy Grail” to gain success in trading world. I saw my capital again getting wiped out.

Whatever profits I had made earlier where my success ratio was around 7 to 8 trades as good, started to get wiped out, capital got half and I was in a total mess like every Harmonic Trader initially gets into.

My Capital Journey also had a fantastic swing – From 1,70,000 to 2,45,000 profits and now I was back to 60,000. Knowledge brings over confidence. I understood I can no longer be a positional trader and have to switch to Intraday.

I decided to stop trading and re-think, worked on my learning again, then decided to work on scanners, make rules for trading, stock picking, charting, looking at market parameters and Found a way to Catch “Safe Trades”. I decided to take safe trades and increase my risk appetite slowly.

I took one month this time to reach 96k from 60k. Patience helped me stay profitable & in longer run I recovered every single penny I had lost to Market and also build surplus capital to continue to take trades in market.

“Whenever I take a trade I always remember this above chart:

That company is not going to shut down at D point. There are always levels above D point which can get active. On higher time frame there is different level to short. So have patience and don’t go heavy in any trade”

Time line journey

  • June 2020

    When We Started

    """Stock Phoenix"" , ""Prabhu Selvaraj"" & ""Senthil Kumar"", This names need no introduction in the Trading world. This names clearly rings the bell for one statement ""A one stop place for Stock Market Mentorship Learning"". With a success story of having more than 3000 folks convetrted to Traders, they decided to take this journey one step ahead. They wanted to provided a platform to their traders where they can take their trading skill set one step further by learning Advance Trading Techniques - especially a technique which is apt and suitable for Long Term Investors / Short Term Investors / Office Goers or folks who cannot stay on the screen for long hours for taking trades. 
    This search ended when they explored multiple Trading Techniques and they decided to lock down on ""Harmonic Trading "" Technique.  A trading Technique which is used in Indian markets by less than 1?tive Traders and is the most pwerful and successful Trading Technique. 

    They were in search&

  • June 2020

    Mentorship Program

    With the First Mentorship Program announced after getting a great response from our telegram channel and awareness webinars, we decided to rollout our first Phoenix Harmonic Mentoring Batch on 6th June 2020. We received massive response and record registrations overnight for our Mentoring Program. It gave us lot of confidence to continue and rollout subsequent learning batches. The learning and mentoring journey begins! 

  • Sep 2020

    Free Learning series

    Free Learning series=This was a period when the entire country was observing strict Lockdown-I due to Covid-19. People were all home struck with lot of uncertainty about their future. We firmly believed that it was an opportunity in disguise for people who wanted to learn new things, develop new skills and find out new avenues to earn. In support to all our followers, and to help people overcome such testing times, we rolled out free Offline learning series on Trading Equities and Derivatives market on our Telegram Channel. We saw tremendous learning appetite amongst the people and got many feedbacks to continue such learning series periodically. We continued this initiative of ours to periodically conduct such free learning series for masses. 

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